Discounted AXA Healthcare Insurance


Your wellbeing, both at work and at home, is hugely important to us, so we’ve teamed up with AXA to offer you discounted healthcare insurance.

You can join AXA any time

Put simply, having AXA PPP Healthcare cover means that if you needed medical treatment that is covered by the plan, you’d no longer have to join the NHS waiting list, and you’d be able to take advantage of shorter waiting times for appointments that suit you.

There are lots of benefits included in this healthcare insurance plan which, as well as other important information about the plan, are detailed in the Advance membership handbook

How much does it cost? 

We have agreed the following discounted, fixed corporate rates for the AXA healthcare insurance plan for Anchor colleagues, effective from 1 June 2022:

Cover type *Total annual premium Monthly payment
Single £624 £52.00
Married £1,248 £104.00
Family £1,685 £140.42
Single parent £1,061 £88.42

 If you would like to take this cover with AXA, it’s an *annual policy with the cost split over the policy year (which runs from June – May) and deducted on a monthly basis from your salary.

*Where colleagues join part way through the policy year, there may be an adjustment to the premium cost at the end of the year. 

How do I apply?

All the information you need about this healthcare insurance plan is available
the Advance membership handbook

If you’d like to apply for cover, complete sections two through to six on the editable application form available below, leaving section one and the ‘group number’ box blank

and then send it to
The Reward  team will then complete the remaining sections of the form and submit it for you.