Hardship Fund

Savings & Loans

We want to do everything possible to support colleagues during the coronavirus outbreak. The Hardship Fund has been set up to offer interest free loans to colleagues who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Colleagues must have a minimum of three months’ service to apply for a Hardship Loan. Colleagues, where required for their role, must be fully vaccinated to be eligible.

Available loans

  • £250
  • £500
  • £750
  • £1,000

You can request more than one loan, but the total amount loaned to you cannot exceed £1,000.

Repayment schedule
You will not need to start repaying the loan for a minimum of three months and repayments will be deducted from your monthly salary using a payroll deduction. The repayment will be deducted from your net pay.

Before taking any repayments, you will be contacted to reconfirm the payment details and schedule and to make sure you are able to repay.

You can also change the number of repayments e.g. if you originally chose to repay the loan over three months but would now like to now pay over six months.

For full details, please read the guidance

How to apply

Complete this short application form

Return it to hardshiploan@anchor.org.uk

The request is confidential, and your details will only be shared with Finance and HR colleagues who are involved in the process.