Menopause Support

The menopause impacts the lives of millions of people but it isn't widely spoken about, particularly at work.
So it's good to know there are lots of resources available to Anchor colleagues to help support them and build understanding of the menopause.

We have signed up to the Menopause Friendly pledge which aims to raise awareness and encourage employers to support their employees by enabling open and respectful conversations, commit to making workplace adjustments and provide information on the menopause.

We’ve created the ‘Let’s Talk Menopause’ Workplace group, where colleagues are welcome  to talk about perimenopause and menopause, find peer support and helpful resources.

Our Menopause Guidance supports colleagues and managers to understand more about menopause and adjustments that can be made at work.

Our Colleague Advice Line, Spectrum.Life portal and app also offer a wide range of free support.

Other resources
The NHS website has a dedicated section on menopause, covering symptoms, treatment, help and support. It includes links to videos of women speaking about their experience and signposting to websites like Menopause Matters and Queermenopause for people who identify as LGBT+.

Remember, it’s good to talk

If the menopause is impacting on you physically or mentally, please speak to your line manager about what adjustments or support can be put in place to help you bring your best self to work.