Salary Linked Savings

Savings & Loans

With Salary Finance you can start saving the easy way. Add money to a Yorkshire Building Society instant access account straight from your salary.

How it works
You choose the amount of money which is deducted from your salary and sent straight into a savings account, taking the hassle out of saving and making it easier to keep going.

Via Salary Finance you can access a Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) online savings account where your savings are deposited straight from your pay. Salary Finance work with us to take a deduction from your salary which is deposited in the YBS account.

Will it be hard to access my money?
You can access your savings account at any time by logging in to the YBS online portal.

You can also change how much money you want to save at any time. You can also change how much you want to save at any time.

What is the account interest rate?
The YBS account offers 0.10% gross Annual Equivalent Rate AER.

AER stands for the Annual Equivalent Rate and shows you what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added each year. This will enable you to compare more easily the return you can expect from your savings over time.

What else does Salary Finance offer?
Loans repaid through your salary, advances on earned pay and financial education, such as tips and tools on budgeting, saving and managing debt.

How do I apply?

Important: The “Advance” product is not a regulated lending product. This is an option, not a recommendation. Anchor does not benefit from offering this service and all your communications will be with Salary Finance. Loan applications will be assessed to ensure the loan is appropriate and affordable for you. “Learn” content is for guidance and educational purposes only and is generic in nature. Salary Finance does not offer regulated financial advice. Please seek independent financial advice.

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