To help provide an open, supportive atmosphere, there are lots of opportunities for you to be yourself and share your views and feedback here at Anchor.

Your Voice Matters

Listening and acting to all of our colleagues is how we can achieve more together and our #ListeningAndActing surveys and Colleague Networks help us hear colleagues’ voices.

Our Colleague Engagement Forum provides more opportunities for colleagues to influence how we work in line with our Business Plan and it’s one of the ways we listen and act on colleague feedback. The group meets regularly to give opinions, suggest new ideas and shape decisions from time to time in different parts of the business.

If you’d like to involve or consult the forum’s on something you’re working on, please contact the Internal Communications team.

Being You

We value diversity and celebrate all of our colleagues and residents. From our Colleague Diversity and Inclusion Networks to Gender Pronouns Guidance, we’ve a range of resources to help create an inclusive workplace.

We trust our colleagues will use their best judgement to dress with professionalism and not wear anything that would make other employees uncomfortable. Our goal is to promote an inclusive environment for all employees.

Making Connections

Our Colleague Networks and Workplace groups provide great opportunities for colleagues to be themselves and connect with others, wherever they work across Anchor.

Workplace is our business social network and it’s exclusively for Anchor colleagues.

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