Refer a Friend

If you know someone who’d be great working at Anchor or would love to join us, did you realise you could earn up to £250 for recommending them?

It pays to work with friends and, as an organisation, we benefit too. As Anchor gains a new member of the team who comes recommended by you, and you receive £100 once they start work and another £150 after they’ve been with us three months. 

You can refer someone to work anywhere in the organisation, not just in the same team or location as you, and there’s no limit on how many people you can refer either. But you will need to make sure you follow the correct process (as below), as we can’t make payments unless you have.

So who do you know who’d be great working here? 

It’s easy to make a referral

  1. Log into the internal jobs site with the Username: internal and Password: careers
  2. Search for the job you want to recommend to your friend and click on the ‘email to a friend’ link at the bottom of the role information
  3. Complete the form to send them the application link
  4. Your friend will need to use the link sent to them to apply for the job and provide your name as the referrer
  5. If your friend is offered the job, you’ll receive £100 when they start work (paid on your next payslip). Plus you’ll get another £150 when they’ve been with us three months.   Amounts paid are subject to tax and National Insurance. 

You will only receive your payment if you follow the process above.  All payments will be made automatically, there is no need to call us.  

If the person you refer is subsequently employed, you will be entitled to a bonus as follows:

  1. £100 after the referred candidate is successful at interview and employment commences
  2. £150 once the applicant has successfully completed three months’ employment

These amounts will be paid through the Payroll as soon as is practicable following the above trigger points and will be subject to tax and National Insurance.

Only active, permanent (full-time or part-time) employees may receive a financial award.  The following are not able to refer and are exempt from any bonus payments outlined in this scheme:

  • If you are employed as an agency worker or contractor
  • If you’re an agency worker or contractor and not paid by Anchor
  • A member of the Human Resources team
  • Colleagues on a bank/casual contract
  • Band 8+ colleagues and above
  • If you are the hiring manager and part of the recruitment process the “Relationships at Work” Policy must be followed throughout.


The payment terms only apply to referrals made after 1 January 2023. Any referrals made before that date will not be eligible for the scheme bonus.  any referrals made after this date that have not been made through the internal jobs iste will not be paid.

For you to receive the bonus the following terms must be satisfied:

  • The position can be either permanent or fixed-term contract. Agency contracts are not included
  • The scheme is only available for the introduction of new employees.  If the applicant has been employed previously, there has to be an interval of at least 12 months between their employment at Anchor
  • Only one referral scheme bonus will be paid for each new employee hired. If more than one eligible employee refers the same applicant (and is subsequently employed), the employee referral scheme bonus will be paid to the employee whose name is submitted on the application
  • The bonus is not available if the individual has already made an application to Anchor and this was received before the referral was made
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals that you can make. However, any referral must be made in good faith, clearly demonstrating that the applicant has the specific skills and experience to apply for the role available
  • Both the referring employee and the applicant must be employed by Anchor Group at the time of any payment. Where either party’s contract of employment is under notice of termination (for any reason) at the time the payment is due, we retain full discretion not to pay the bonus


Please note that the previous process of submitting an email to the Refer a Friend mailbox when you referred someone is no longer be valid.