Our Colleague
Wellbeing Approach

We believe wellbeing means creating an environment and culture  where our people can be their authentic selves and achieve their full potential. 

Being proudly a not-for-profit organisation means every penny we make can be reinvested into our services, and the welfare of our communities and our colleagues. By investing in our colleagues’ wellbeing, we’re helping them to provide the best quality services for our residents and helping us all achieve more together.

That’s why our People Plan has a strong focus on colleague engagement and prioritising wellbeing.  And, with feedback from our Colleague Forum, we’ve created a wellbeing approach with five elements at its heart, which set out how we’ll continue to support colleagues’ wellbeing:

Wellbeing approach


Fair pay, meaningful benefits, retirement planning and financial support. 


Providing safe and engaging work environments, realistic workloads, managing disabilities and long-term health conditions, occupational health support and colleague advice line. Promoting positive work/life balance, physical activity, healthy eating, the importance of rest and sleep. 


Values-based compassionate leadership, creating psychologically safe workspaces where colleagues can be themselves always, ensuring colleagues feel valued and appreciated and valuing difference.


Clear communication, listening and acting to feedback, genuine dialogue, promoting positive relationships through colleague networks.


Clear career frameworks with opportunities for development and progression, developing personal resilience, encouraging collaboration.

As well as providing all colleagues with access to a wide range of support and benefits, we also equip line managers with the tools, resources and knowledge they need to support the wellbeing of their teams, so we can achieve more together