Free Flu Jabs

Looking after your health, both at work and at home, is important to us, which is why eligible colleagues can take advantage of free flu jabs.

Free Flu Jabs

Flu vaccinations help to keep our colleagues and residents healthy and happy all year long, by fighting back against an unpredictable virus that can cause severe illness and even death among ‘at-risk’ groups.

Colleagues in Care
You’re already eligible to have the flu vaccine at your GP surgery or a local pharmacy and don’t need a flu voucher.

Colleagues not in Care
Check online if you qualify for a free NHS flu jab.  If you don’t, you can request a free flu jab voucher to be redeemed nationwide.  E-vouchers can be used at over 4,000 locations nationwide – go to to find a participating pharmacy near you

The 2024 request window will close 31 December 2024.  Look out for more details on Workplace in autumn 2024.  You can request your flu voucher here.