Your Pay Day

We're committed to paying colleagues fairly and competitively and being fully transparent in our approach to pay.

As an accredited Living Wage Foundation Employer, we will pay, as a minimum, the Real Living Wage rate.  To find out more about how your pay is set, take a look at the Pay Policy on the Bridge or speak to your manager.    

Pay Day
Colleagues on Anchor payroll are paid on day 26 of each month or the closest working day before if the 26 falls on a non-working day.  December pay will be paid on the closest working day before 26 December.  The period for which you are being paid depends on your employment type as detailed below.

  • Hourly paid colleagues on Timesmart and Bank colleagues are paid for a period of 18 of previous month to 17 of current month (i.e. June’s pay is for the period 18 May to 17 June) plus adjustments
  • Colleagues not on Timesmart are paid their contracted hours for each calendar month (i.e. paid for the month of June in June’s pay) plus any adjustments.

All pay is subject to tax and National Insurance as per HMRC rules. Pension contributions are calculated on basic pay.

You can view your pay slips by logging into MyHR ESS.  This MoneyHelper guide is available to help you understand your payslip.