Pension Transfer Service

If you’ve got pension pots with previous employers or providers, it could make sense to transfer them into your Anchor Worksave Pension Plan.

Start the process of bringing your old pension pots together in one convenient place with a fast, easy-to-use service from My Future Now*.

  • A quick, easy way to bring all your pension pots together in one place
  • The potential to save on charges
  • Fully online process from any device
  • An easier way to manage and plan your retirement income.
*My Future Now is part of the Legal & General Group of companies which is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This replaces the previous service which was offered to colleagues through

Register to find out more
Register with My Future Now and they’ll do everything for you. You  can also access My Future Now by logging into you pension account here – go to ‘Manage my Pension’, then ‘Combine your pension pots online’ and follow the instructions from there.

You’ll need to provide your National Insurance number and the names of the providers your other pensions are with or details of your previous employers.

My Future Now will not charge you for their services and there is no obligation to proceed.

What happens next?

During the tracing process, specially trained staff at My Future Now will check the paperwork to ensure you don’t sacrifice any guaranteed benefits or special features in your existing pension plans. If there are any guarantees, then a transfer won’t be able to proceed. They will email you to let you know what next steps you can take. They’ll also confirm if any exit fees apply. 

If you decide to proceed, My Future Now will combine your other pensions with your Anchor pension. The usual scheme charges will apply

Important information

Transferring your pension can have advantages but there are risks and potential disadvantages you need to consider too.  And it is a good idea to check what charges, fees and benefits  apply to all of your pensions.

If you are unsure at any point, we recommend you talk to a financial adviser first.  You can find a list of advisers near you at Please note, advisers usually charge for their services.

You can also get free and impartial government guidance about your defined contribution pension options by visiting the Pension Wise website or by telephoning 0800 138 3944. The amount you get from your pension pot depends on how much was paid in and how well the investments have done.