Pension Plan


Our way of helping to make saving for your golden years more affordable.

How it works

Our pension plan is provided by Legal & General. In addition to the contributions you make to it, we make a monthly contribution to your pension, starting at 4%.

Employee ContributionEmployer Contribution

You can contribute more than 8% but our maximum (employer) contribution is 10%.

You can join our WorkSave Pension Plan as soon as you start working with us.

Pension rules introduced in 2013 mean you’ll be automatically enrolled in your fourth month of employment with us if you’re:

  • not already in the pension scheme
  • aged 22 or above but below the state pension age
  • earning more than £10,000 a year

If you’d like to enrol sooner – just call Payroll
on 0345 604 6635 (Option 1) and request an application form.

Reassessment and enrolment
Government Pension legislation states organisations must reassess all employees for pension enrolment every three years. The latest reassessment takes place in April 2022.

There’s no way of avoiding enrolment if you meet the criteria but you can choose to opt-out within 30 days of being sent your Enrolment Notification Letter from Legal and General.

Our Pension enrolment FAQs explain more about this process and opting out.

What happens once I’ve joined?
We’ll start to deduct pension contributions from your pay which then get added to your pension pot. We’ll also make an ‘employer’ contribution starting at 4 per cent, depending on your employment contract terms and conditions.

You can also save on your tax and National Insurance contributions if your pension contribution is taken through our SMART pension scheme. This is because your contributions are taken out of your pay before tax and National Insurance are deducted. This is also know as Salary Sacrifice and is subject to earning levels.

How can I change the amount that I pay into my pension?
Simply call or email the Payroll team

What if I don’t want to save into a pension?

There’s no way of avoiding enrolment if you meet the criteria above. But you can choose to leave within a month of being enrolled and you’ll be sent details of how to do this.

Government pension rules also mean that if you choose to leave the pension scheme, you’ll be auto-enrolled again every three years.

Get instant access to your account

Register on the Legal & General website, then click on ‘Manage your account’.
Once you’ve set up your account you can:

  • see the value of your pension
  • review your investment choices
  • request a benefit statement
  • update your personal details.

Call the Legal and General Helpline for more information
Call 0345 070 8686.

Make sure you seek advice before making decisions about your pension.

If you’d like professional financial advice please visit for a list of advisers near you. Please note, advisers usually charge for their services.

You can also get free and impartial government guidance about your defined contribution pension options at or by telephoning 0800 138 3944. The amount you get depends on how much was paid in and how well the investments have done.

Free L&G webinars
Members of our pension plan can also access free webinars provided by L&G, covering things like general pension education, the run up to retirement for those over 45, financial wellbeing and responsible investing.

You’ll receive details about these webinars directly if you’ve signed up to receive emails from L&G or, if you’ve registered on the Legal & General website, you can access them there.