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Benefits available to help you keep in good physical health

Access fitness, gym and wellbeing discounts. Just register with My Shopping Discounts and then search – gym – to see what’s available. 

Roll up, roll up… for free flu jabs this winter!

Flu vaccinations help to keep our colleagues and residents healthy and happy all year long, by fighting back against an unpredictable virus that can cause severe illness and even death among ‘at-risk’ groups.

If you work in Care
You’re already eligible to have the flu vaccine at your GP surgery or a local pharmacy and don’t need a flu voucher.

If you work in Operations or Central Support
Check with your GP or local pharmacist if you qualify for the National Flu Immunisation Programme. If you do, please obtain your vaccination through that.

If you don’t qualify for the national programme, you can request a free flu jab voucher through your line manager.

Managers need to log onto the askHR portal to order the vouchers, usually during July and August, giving the total number of vouchers needed for their team/location and the names of the colleagues requesting them.

Voucher can be used at high street locations, including selected Superdrug, Lloyds Chemist, Morrisons, Tesco and Asda stores.

If you use a PC, laptop or tablet as part of your role, you are entitled to claim a free eye examination every two years.

Help with the cost of new glasses
As well as a free eye test, if the optician confirms that you need to wear glasses for VDU use, you’ll also receive a voucher for £55 towards the cost of new glasses, which can be used at a range of opticians.

Download this application form (or if using Chrome download this version) and return it to Anchor Reception at 2 Godwin Street, Bradford, BD1 2ST or email it to

Once processed, you will be issued with a voucher which you can take to the optician to pay for your eye test.

You can use this at 95% of opticians across the UK –  find
your nearest participating optician here.

Depending on your role you may be eligible for occupational sick pay – if you’re unsure please check with your line manager.

Depending on your role you may be eligible for occupational maternity pay – if you’re unsure please check with your line manager.


We believe supporting your mental health is an investment 

We know that most people will experience stress, depression or other mental health concerns at some point in their lives. We offer a range of support to our colleagues, including:

Losing someone close to us, such as a family member, friend or colleague is something that happens to us all at some point.

Support, guidance and tools are available to help when you’re experiencing bereavement and grief.

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We may work for an organisation providing care and housing for later life, but how many of us know what we’d do or where to find information if we needed to arrange later life services for our very own loved ones?

Care Concierge is a confidential telephone guidance service you can access for free, to speak directly to a care expert about later life care needs and services.

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As more and more roles are moving to remote working, and colleagues are taking advantage of more flexible working patterns we recognise some people may feel disconnected from their wider teams.

Read our tips for combatting loneliness in the workplace, for both colleagues and managers.

You can find more tips around managing your time and your wellbeing in the guidance document on myLearning – search for ‘Homeworking’’.

Remember to use resources like Workplace and Teams,  to help you have virtual meetings, communicate and stay connected to your team mates, other colleagues and the rest of the organisation.

A free and confidential service. You can speak to an advisor by telephone or webchat 24/7; or access a range of materials and e-learning on the Health Assured website or Your Healthy Advantage  mobile app (available to download in the Apple or Android app stores).

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Around 13 million of the female population in the UK are currently peri or menopausal. So when you also consider eight in every ten colleagues are female, the menopause is something many of us will either experience or encounter here at Anchor, not just in our personal lives.

We’ve pulled together helpful resources to support you – whether you’re going through it yourself, or work with or line manage someone going through the menopause.

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If you’re a line manager, this guide for managers provides tips on supporting a remote team.

There are also lots of wellbeing resources and training materials in the Supporting Resources for Managers section of myLearning.

All central support colleagues get the chance to give something back by volunteering at one of our care or housing locations for one day each year.

It’s an opportunity to meet and interact with residents and see for yourself just how your work makes an impact on their lives.

It could be anything from doing a spot of decorating to putting on a party or transforming a garden.

Central support colleagues can also lead a volunteering project which is a great way to develop and practice new skills.

Colleagues working in operations can propose volunteering projects for colleagues, corporate partners and community groups to get involved with.

It’s important for us all to balance our personal and work lives, and we have a number of policies to support this.

Flexible Working policy
All colleagues with 26 weeks’ continuous service can request flexible working, so long as they haven’t made a request in the previous 12 months. Examples of flexible working include:

  • change to the number of hours required to work
  • change to the times/shifts required to work
  • change to the place of work – for example, home working or working from a different location

Colleagues can request flexible working for any reason and do not have to explain why. Once a request form has been submitted the line manager will arrange a meeting to discuss whether or not they are able to approve the request. Full details of the Flexible Working policy and procedure are on The Bridge.

Career Break policy
Colleagues with two years’ service, and satisfactory attendance and conduct can request an extended, unpaid period away from work. Some examples of reasons for a career break are to go travelling, to spend time with family or to study or do voluntary work.

Authorised Leave policy
This policy gives details of many different forms of leave including parental, bereavement, compassionate, public duties and the Territorial Army.

There are also tools available to help colleagues understand and monitor how they spend their working time. Colleagues using Microsoft Office 365 have access to MyAnalytics. These dashboards can help colleagues organise their time, and also monitor how often they are working outside of ‘normal’ working hours.

The government’s tax free childcare scheme has replaced childcare vouchers.

But if you’ve previously registered for a Sodexo account you can continue to take advantage of childcare vouchers until your child reaches 16 years of age.

The NHS website is a great place to access lots of free, simple and useful resources and information, to help you take control of your health and wellbeing, including:


The Mental Health at Work website also offers a wealth of support and resources, pooled together from different organisations, like Mind and The BMA – British medical Association.

Created by our own qualified colleagues, we’ve launched a range of free videos to support you in #BeingWell.

Take a look here.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate all  of our colleagues and residents and are striving to create a fully inclusive workplace.

Our colleague EDI networks are colleague-led and aim to offer advice to the business and support to colleagues.

Our networks are:

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